Eddie Bauer can sometimes be referred to as the “American Eagle” of the Adventure industry. I can understand that, with its high price tags and fancy stores it certainly seems to cater to the “hip” crowd from the outside looking in. My first adventure into their store was yesterday with my wife while we were celebrating our anniversary a little early at the mall. I have to say, I seem to have fallen in love with them.

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Here are some preview images for the December Issue, I hope you guys like it.


The Battle Mug has been the topic of a lot of debate and a lot of criticism lately. The biggest thing that causes all of these debates and criticisms is that people don’t understand what the Battle Mug is.

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Attention everyone! The Digital version of the December Issue of the Home Combat Magazine is now live and available to purchase and download off of our Facebook page! Please visit us at: http://www.facebook.com/HomeCombatMag?sk=app_190322544333196 and add to cart, then enjoy! The digital version is a little shorter than the print version will be, it is also a dollar cheaper and has far less advertisements in it, so you can get right to the good stuff!

How often do you throw things away that you get in the mail? That credit card application, medical paperwork, receipts.

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Okay everyone, you’ve been waiting patiently! Here is some HCM eye candy for you, the December issue of the magazine!